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March 22, 2018
LUANA challenges mainstream women’s fashion at Designers&Brands in Beirut

LUANA challenges mainstream women’s fashion at Designers&Brands in Beirut
• Introduces new fashion concept inspired by mythical female warriors
• Releases 12 outfits featuring natural fabrics and innovative accessories
22 March, 2018; Beirut, Lebanon
Luana's collection launched at the Designers&Brands event held at Four Seasons Hotel in Beirut, features a modern reinterpretation of the armour worn by the ancient “ Valkyries”. The outfits are designed to highlight the strong, sexy, smart, and elegant traits found in every woman.
The collection, which includes 12 outfits made from natural leather and silk, moves away from mainstream decorative clothing towards consolidated outfits and dresses influenced by the female complexity .
An interior designer by profession, Luana has built her career reinterpreting spaces to improve form and function by the use of material and light . Luana is applying the same principle to fashion. According to her, “I'm considering the body as a dynamic space and following its bone and muscle structure to visualize lines and highlight the natural beauty of a woman’s body.”
“Fierce yet elegant, the collection demonstrates the inherent strength of the female body and uses natural leathers and silk to emphasise forms and accentuate full flexibility and freedom in motion,” She added.
Featuring leather, gold, and “Swarovski” crystal accessories, Luana has stressed on one of her favourite accessories, the gloves, which she redesigned into a clutch to accommodate the essential items ; credit cards and a mobile phone.
A focal element of the show was LUANA’s focal point towards woman , the face. The earings and hair accessories were all connected with gold chains to the nose ring , which Luana believes is the most feminine accessory - the sign of womanhood in oriental cultures.
“I’m an interior designer, or simply a Designer. In other words, a creator. I can design or create a chair, a space, or even a dress. It’s the same concept, just needs skill, taste and an eye.” Luana commented.