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Press Releases

Under the Patronage of the President of the Council of Ministers
His Excellency Saad Al Hariri
With the support and presence of the Minister of Tourism
His Excellency Avedis Guidanian
Members of the board of Beirut Fashion WeekÒ Organization
Mr. Antonio Rubel (BFWO President)
Architect Zikar El Sakhi Maalouli (BFWO Founder/Chairman)
Mr. Johnny Fadlallah (BFWO Chief Executive Officer)
The Beirut Fashion WeekÒ Press Conference was held at “The KeyApart Hotel” in Beirut
on Tuesday, March 21st, 2017.

Various media, journalists, political figures and bloggers were present to witness the
official launch of Beirut Fashion WeekÒ. During the press conference, the Speakers
revealed the importance of this event to the fashion and tourism industry in Lebanon.
The speakers during the press conference:

1: H.E. Avedis Guidanian (Minister of Tourism) asserted:
His complete and generous support to assure the success and impact of Beirut Fashion
WeekÒ and endorsing the high image of Lebanon and tourism in general. Beirut Fashion
Week® is one of the biggest international (Red Carpet) events in Lebanon, the Arab-World
and the entire Middle-East.

2: Architect Zikar El Sakhi Maalouli (BFWO Founder/Chairman) stated:
-Beirut Fashion Week® is a non-profit and non-political organization, dedicated to
children charity.
-Our Belief: “No child is born to live unhappily, hungry or to die as a result of poverty!
Together, hand in hand we can spread world beauty and bring back the smile to
thousands of children in need”.
-Our Vision and Goals: The targets are simple yet far-reaching. We aim to provide
means for the famous and established designers to inspire and empower the young
upcoming designers, to reveal, encourage and support hidden talents by awarding
scholarships at fashion-academic-institutions in Milan, and creating job opportunities,
in turn, aiding the development of the Lebanese and the Arab fashion industry. Last
but not least, Beirut Fashion Week Organization’s ultimate goal is to alleviate the lives
of the less fortunate children who are suffering from extreme poverty.
-Our Main Media Partner: Is “LBCI” one of the biggest TV stations in the region,
reaching millions and millions of spectators.
-The event is also covered by a large number of national and international TVs,
magazines, newspapers and bloggers.
Non-Profit and Non-Political Organization
Beirut Fashion Weekâ and أسبوع†الموضة†في†بیروت†â is a registered trademark all rights reserved
Beirut Fashion Week® and أسبوع†الموضة†في†بیروت†® copyright ã Beirut Fashion Week Organization and/or Maalouli International Group

3: Dr. Antonio Rubel (BFWO President) asserted:
-Beirut Fashion Week® is recognized worldwide as the fifth Fashion-City after New-
York, London, Milan and Paris.
-Beirut Fashion Week Organization’s main objectivee and belief is that “Woman is the
origin of life and merging beauty with children’s smiles is the best achievement one
can do through charitable contributions”.

4: Mr. Johnny Fadlallah (BFWO CEO) stated:
-The event will span over five continuous days, from April 18 to 22, 2017.
-The pre-opening Charitable-Show will be held on April 17, 2017. All the profits will
be donated to a dedicated children’s charity.
- The event will be held at “Form De Beyrouth”, with an expectation of more than
20,000 attendees and will include fashion shows, presentations and a 3,800sqm
are of showrooms of numerous designers, jewelers brands and the sponsors.
-The after party “Les Personnages” will be held on April 23, 2017. Keeping the
same luxury and prestige that the fashion week presents, exclusive invitations for
the Beirut Fashion Week® participant designers, sponsors, bloggers, media,
influencers and VIPs.
Finale: BFW partners and credits:
We would like to finally express our appreciation to our Media Partners:
-Tremendous media exposure by our main media partner “LBCi”
-Tunes Productions
-And to all our national and international TVs, magazines, newspapers and bloggers
such as:
Fashion TV, TV5, TeleMonteCarlo, ET BelArabi, Lamasat TV, Haya, Daily Star, Laha,
Beiruting, Alamoki, Focus, Facelook, Today’s Outlook, Sayidaty, Lamasat, Prestige,
Ounousa, Mondanite, Z Fashion Window, A&E, Cheri3elFan.
We would like to express our gratitude to our Sponsors:
Grand Cinemas, BoConcept, Fattal, SANE Makeup, L’Oreal Professionnel, The KeyApart
Hotel, Diffa, Giscardo Mannequins and Aubrilam.