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December 30, 2016
Rasasi Perfumes Unveils New Atheer Cambodia Fragrances

New Season Addition to Luxurious Boruzz Collection

Rasasi Perfumes, one of the leading names in the regional perfume industry, has unveiled the all-new Atheer Cambodia fragrances for men and womenas the latest addition to the luxury Boruzz collection.

With a rich legacy of ingredients that have been reimagined to create a contemporary signature of self-expression, Atheer Cambodia is a fresh twist on oudh- the world’s most precious perfume ingredient.

The fragrance is in line with the essence of the Boruzz collection, which enjoys a great appreciation amongst modern connoisseurs of pure oudh, who covet its deep, woody, earthy, animalistic and complex scent. Atheer Cambodia is a perfume that is as full of ancient mystique and opulence as it is of modern-day sophistication. 

Created as an ode to the finest and rarest natural ingredients, Atheer Cambodia provides a fresh expression of the oriental alchemy that is a confluence of east and west. The Boruzz collection has been developed in collaboration with the best fragrance houses in Europe, who have also helped to introduce the distinctive sparkling notes of the fresh fragrance. The contemporary twist to the combination of pure oudh and rare ingredients creates a majestic trail of freshness and splendour that is quintessentially oriental yet delightfully occidental.