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December 14, 2016
AIGNER Epic Heights

Fall/Winter 2016-2017 




This season, AIGNER takes us right into the raw mountainside, where nature and wilderness meet modern architecture and civilization. Mountains, forests and the icy landscapes of the alpine region, inspired Creative Director / Head of Design Christian Beck who created "Epic Heights", the new fall-winter 2016 collection, which plays with influences of 90's grunge combined with an ultimate luxury twist. 


A mix of graphics and natural surfaces characterize casual, loose silhouettes with apredominance of fur and in-theme details such as metal rock heels. Shapes are at the center with hourglass silhouettes for jackets and dresses, sleek tube dresses and oversize hoodies for a very structured yet laid-back, almost sophisticated look 


The color range mirrors the wild side of nature and the ruggedness of the mountains: icy tones, such as feather grey and storm grey meet natural shades such as angora beige, cinnamon, rosewood and taupe. The green tones, such as forest green and moss green accents further enhance the enchanted atmosphere of Epic Heights. 


The grunge, casual yet sensual appeal of the collection is to be found with the must-have series of accessories too.