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NEW: ARTIST ROUGE– Exclusively at Sephora

“She has no limits… She creates her own path… She is fearless and unstoppable.… Constantly striving for perfection. She is strong and beautiful … seductive. She’s a passionate visionary… a dreamer. She’s unusual, bold and sensual … Fascinating, she is my muse”.
MAKE UP FOR EVER, the go-to brand for everyday women and professional makeup artists alike, has just launched an unconventional campaign that reflects not only the strength of every woman, but also reveals the artist within her: SHE IS AN ARTIST. ARTIST SHOW, The campaign marks the launch of the New Artist Rouge lipstick collection.
With a special thanks to SAMSUNG, MAKE UP FOR EVER worked on a 360 video produced for a truly immersive and cinematic experience using Samsung Gear VR, to take you on a true 3D journey into the ARTISTS’ life as though you’re actually in the scene as it unfolds before your eyes, and to get inspired by them to reveal the artist within you. The video takes you on a journey into the life of all types of artists including celebrity makeup artists such as Hanan Al Najadah, Bouba, Mohammed Hindash, and Waad Al Turki and new rising talents MAKE UP FOR EVER discovered from the region having dazzling and unprecedented lip-coloring techniques such as Nourah Abul, Mashael Ajeel, Sheikha Shuaib, Layla Shehab, Amal Al Sarraf, Amal Gerashi and Tamara Khodor to a Celebrity stylist, a DJ, a dancer and others, to show how each person can be artist in his/her own way.
ARTIST SHOW kicks off on November 1st, exclusively with Sephora with a series of special appearances at their key stores across the region. Throughout November 2016, all makeup artists, celebrities and aspiring ones alike, will hold appearances in UAE, KSA, Qatar and Kuwait to showcase these new techniques to makeup fans.
ARTIST SHOW’s launch includes a profusion of intense colors, namely 46 Artist Rouge Lipstick shades between matte and creamy covering 6 color families from nude, pink, red, coral, violet to creative.
“Lipstick is to makeup what the last brush stroke is to painting… the ultimate, perfectly contained touch of color that completes the work of art. And just like in art, makeup artists need an infinite palette of colors. This is why I have developed such a wide range of new ARTIST ROUGE lipsticks, I always want to give makeup artists a profusion of shades and textures to sublimate and create their perfect piece of art.” Dany Sanz, Founder & Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER.
While makeup artists need a wide range of colors to meet the creative and artistic needs of the stage, each one is also looking for his or her iconic shade. Each artist searches for the color that will reveal his or her own singularity.
Lipstick is the ultimate, perfectly contained touch of color in the makeup. Introducing ARTIST ROUGE LIPSTICK, in 46 masterful shades that can express all facets of all personalities. With this new range of lipsticks, the makeup artists and every day women have a profusion of shades and textures to create their perfect piece of art. 46 masterful shades help to express all personalities, it is a transformative power of makeup. It is edgy and cool. And now the palette and choices are endless… with new ingenuity and intense color.
Red is for confidence. Blue is for exuberance.
Featuring intense colors with revealingly bold, exuberant and luminous personalities, MAKE UP FOR EVER has developed innovative Show-off Color technology, a specific pigment treatment that brings to light the original purity of color.
MAKE UP FOR EVER selected a novel complex of waxes especially for ARTIST ROUGE. These waxes were chosen for their specific structure, and were organized like meshwork. The ARTIST ROUGE CRÈME structure was based on sunflower seeds, while Candelilla was used for ARTIST ROUGE MAT.
The long-last results are impressive -- under any and all conditions. Artist Rouge Mat has a notable 10-hours wear, and Artist Rouge Crème boasts 8-hour wear.
The perfect combination of macadamia and mallow oils helps nourish the lips throughout the day. They prevent skin dryness and help retain the moisture naturally found in the lips. Working synergistically, these two oils help ARTIST ROUGE lipsticks combine comfort and long wear without drying out the lips.