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A New Wardrobe for Your Eyes

“One look says it all.” goes the saying. If so, wouldn’t it be essential to entrust the most expressive part of the face to real beauty experts? In 2015, MAKE UP FOR EVER launches a new generation of false eyelashes in an extraordinary variety of shapes that are incredibly easy to use. The NEW LASH SHOW false eyelashes are poised to change every woman’s habits and fit into their daily routine to become one of their most essential beauty accessories.

MAKE UP FOR EVER’s iconic LASH SHOW line offers 50 types of handmade false eyelashes, natural or creative, to suit every style and mood. A true wardrobe for the eyes, these fashionable, chic and stylish lashes, intensify the eyes in a flash, allowing a woman to play any feminine role. She can be the innocent muse, executive woman, queen of the dancefloor or fairytale princess—the possibilities are endless. Once again, MAKE UP FOR EVER anticipates the most up-to-date makeup trend with the LASH SHOW range, the ultimate beauty adornment that lets every woman design a look for her own eyes. Chic and trendy, false lashes are the new everyday fashion accessory.

MAKE UP FOR EVER offers two large ranges of false eyelashes, Natural and Creative ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated. From a discreet to an extravagant look, just dip into the LASH SHOW wardrobe to choose the look that suits the moment. The use of high quality, 100% synthetic fibers in these lashes has a great number of advantages; Ultra-light weight for matchless comfort throughout the day, extreme flexibility to adapt perfectly to the eye shape, precision for total control over the makeup quality, resistance of the natural fibers, and hygienic.

Too many women believe that false eyelashes should only be applied by professional makeup artists. To counter this idea, MAKE UP FOR EVER first developed an intuitive new tool, an eyelash applicator that makes donning false eyelashes quick and easy.
The application of the glue is the critical moment when applying false lashes. MAKE UP FOR EVER has invented a glue applicator shaped like an eyeliner with a nozzle, to apply just the right amount of glue easily and precisely. The specially formulated glue deliberately contains no latex and ensures pleasant application that’s safe for the eyes. These improvements have made the application of false eyelashes easier than ever.
The good news is that MAKE UP FOR EVER’s false lashes are so comfortable and easy to apply that they can be used every day.