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‘’Color Contrast’’ by Abed Mahfouz

Designer Abed Mahfouz presents an innovative collection for Fall-Winter 2015-2016 in Paris. Extravagant designs for an elegant winter.
Color divergence is at the core of the innovative designs composing Abed Mahfouz’s Fall-Winter 2015-2016 collection presented during Paris fashion week, entitled ‘’Color Contrast’’, in which he reveals progressive cuts and designs, with bold winter colors and tender fabric that will adorn every elegant woman.
The fairytale depicting collection of Abed Mahfouz is composed of 35 unique evening dresses which were topped with one bridal dress. The collection is rich in its silhouettes, its colors, its chosen fabric, and the innovative cuts composed of geometrical lines inspired by architecture, varying between vertical, horizontal and curved lines, very subtly contrived, and taking into consideration the distinct tastes of women with varying preferences. The collection "Color Contrast’’ stood out with the use of fabrics such as satin, gazar and taffeta that culminate into prominent shoulders, or spread behind ‘’Cinderella’’ dresses with generous and sumptuous volume.
The collection couture "Color Contrast’’ steered away from uniformity and made sure all tastes are satisfied, as designer Abed Mahfouz did not fail to bring contemporary designs, in the form of short dresses that composed more than a quarter of the entire collection. Remarkably, the collection ‘’Color Contrast’’, did not focus on classical warm tones, and the designer didn’t settle for a traditional color palette, but rather chose modern materials such as small phosphoric cubes, ranging from blue to white to pistachio. The designer Abed Mahfouz ended the collection with a divine bridal dress, which embodies the very main characteristic of all the collection’s dresses: innovation.