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The Fashion designer Amal Azhari presents her 2016 collection entitled "Dunya Maymouna" Authenticity with a spark of modernity

Intimacy and individuality are at the core of Amal Azhari's original designs, which she presented for the 2016 collection of kaftans impregnated with charm and modernity, while making sure each piece carries a unique identity through the use of different prints.

The title of the collection marries????!!! originality and beauty, the designer Amal Azhari chose to mix "Dunya" a flower that symbolizes the Bedouin culture, to "Maymouna" a word linked to the Islamic memory, since it was the name that bore the prophet Mahommad's last wife, which also means a blessing, grace, success and splendor, but mainly because it holds a special place in the designer's heart since it's the name of the niece she loves dearly and who was long awaited.

While keeping a spirit of authenticity, she added a touch of modernity to the 56 designs that compose the collection, a collection that is characterized by modern cuts and the diverse use of techniques, such as the employment of shorts or pants under the abayas...
But the most surprising element is the application of drawings, motifs and fabrics, sharpening the singularity of each design, since the designer Amal Azhari chose meticulously each fabric, dividing the collection into five themes with particular identities that differ from each other with lots of charm.

The choice of motifs, their color and their placing has been studied in an effort to showcase the history and singularity of different parts of the world.
There are faces that represent the different aspects of human life, inspired by artworks, sculptures and paintings exposed in the various museums and galleries visited by Amal Azhari throughout the world.
But we can also see elephants on the designs which are considered as symbols of luck both by the Indian culture and the designer herself.

The collection also exhibits images and motifs and colors from her journey in India, from which helped inspire the unique choice of fabric composed by various materials such as silk, cotton or lace, but also typical Indian fabric like "tapis", "habutai", "cotta", "corcoma" or "saipers".

However, its elegance doesn't simply rely on the prints, the colors, the fabrics or the cuts, but also on the use of accessories that underline the designs' elegance, such as the earrings, the belts and the necklaces in silver or gold, as well as the disk and chain- like accessories that cover the curves and accentuates the body.

To end the "Dunya Maymouna" show, the designer Amal Azhari lined up the elegant outfits she designed, shaping a different and modern frame that immortalizes her ready-to-wear collection and marks her vision and convictions.