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This Spring-Summer 2015, Robert Abi Nader raises the curtain on a strongly determined, fierce looking and fascinating woman who won't settle for less than what she's worth.

Considering the body and all its inspiring curves as his canvas, Robert Abi Nader draws an astounding woman playing a seductive game of concealing and revealing.

With statement colors like the royal blue, the flaming red, the attention grabbing gold as well as the most notorious black and white duet used in monochromatic ways, Robert Abi Nader emphasizes the contrast between fabric and skin, concrete and ethereal.

Moroccan crepe, silk satin and chiffon, with tone-on-tone embroideries, intertwine in an impressive dance of seduction. Through slits and openings appears the chantilly lace, last layer mysteriously veiling the skin.

While some dresses are slick, acting as a mirroring second skin, reflecting the light on the sumptuous curves in shimmering sparkles; others float around the body in voluptuous drapings or flowing rivers of fabric conferring strength and stature to the silhouette.

It is safe to say that once more, Robert Abi Nader encourages the woman to face the spotlight and radiantly shine, oozing confidence, in the most glorious way.