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Nabil Younes Couture

Designer Nabil Younes showcases, for the second time, his collection during Italian fashion week.
Elegance through daring colors and transparency.

Daring colors and enchanting embroideries inspired by architectural shapes and worked with lots of precision, are at the core of the Spring-Summer 2015 collection “Glamour’’, presented by designer Nabil Younes during the Italian Couture Week in Rome, participating for the second time in this international and refined event.
The fashion show started with a white belted dress, beautifully embroidered in silver and worn by the Lebanese star Myriam Klink, invited by the designer Nabil Younes, especially to inaugurate and close the fashion show, which ended with a wedding dress, decorated by crystals and Swarovski stones, crowned with white feathers, with which the designer replaces the traditional veil, which could be considered an innovation in the field of bridal dresses.
Designer Nabil Younes presented his collection during the ‘’World Fashion’’ event taking place in Saint Régis hotel in the Italian capital, Rome, in the presence of multiple mundane and artistic personalities, Arab, Lebanese and international, notably the Emirati star Abdallah Bel Kheir and the international press.
The designs were sumptuous in their lightness, their creative cuts and their bright colors. The collection unfolded from short dresses to long dresses, worked in sheer fabrics of vivid colors like white, blue and black. Most designs were embroidered with architectural motifs, in shapes of squares or rectangles, ingeniously drawn the roman way in black and white.