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Saiid Kobeisy Prêt a Porter 2015

Saiid Kobeisy launched his new Prêt a Porter 2015 collection taking all the geometric shapes, sunset scenes, and floral colors to transform it into a fine fashion line creating his new collection. Each dress tells a different story and an unusual perspective.
From bright white, icy morn, sun, to the sleet silver and the black, the colors used in the collection were activated by the different; unique and charming colors that portray style and elegance.
­­­The collection featured mini and knee length dresses, long evening dresses, and ball gowns. A combination of materials was used in which the softness of lace and silk was braced and decorated by smooth patterns embroidered in iridescent elements and colors while other dresses featured shaped taffetas and waves of tulle tempered by delicate transparencies. Interestingly, some dresses were sculpted with fine metallic belts that highlighted the waist area.
A unique creation that combines elegance, femininity, and sensuality, was interpreted by the designer in a romantic yet geometric approach. His collection consisted of 49 dresses, each with its own identity, but when assembled together they form a beautiful majestic bouquet.