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Rami Al Ali

Today, July 7, 2014, saw the couture fashion capital welcome Syrian-born designer Rami Al Ali once again as he returned to Paris for his sixth season to present his Autumn/Winter 2014/15 collection. Playing host to an exclusive crowd of fashion’s top tier, Al Ali not only revealed his much-anticipated couture creations, transfixing audiences with his tribute to the mysteries of the hidden rainforest, but also a new venue – the historic Musée des Arts Décoratifs.
Shrouded in enigma, an exquisite interplay between luxurious textiles and deliberate detailing stood centre stage, as Al Ali’s twenty-piece collection unearthed. Depth emoted life as a dewy palette of forest greens, beige and gold starkly juxtaposed with powerful primary hues to create a uniform line rich in complexity. The efflorescence of nature in its simplest form, the collection serenely encapsulated eternal transformation. Perspective added to the allure, evoking illusory visions; a collection meant to be consumed from varied angles yet producing a singular emotion – wonderment.
Silhouettes captured curves and lines, skimming fluidly along the body. The classic A-line received a modern re-working, with cropped fronts of voluminous multi-layered skirts offering momentary glimpses of nature’s inner workings. Intricate embroidery and three-dimensional weaving allowed passageway into the rainforest’s innermost canopy – the hidden depth that lies beneath the surface. Fabrics added opulence to the untamed and wild inhabitants of Al Ali’s natural world, as a conscious blend of lace, silk organza, gazar, taffeta and chiffon lame formed a perfect base for the couturier’s signature luxurious finishes.
Matte sequins and crystals elaborately embellished a colour palette which paid homage to drama, vibrancy and exoticism. Royal blue and vivid yellow, with jewel tones of ruby, purple and emerald, the newest collection thoughtfully explores the connection between the intensity of the jungle with its idyllic aspirations.    
Cementing that couture is craft, Rami Al Ali’s AW2014/15 collection brings innovation to the organic, elevating his art to higher levels.
The AW2014/15 presentation took place at Musée des Arts Décoratifs, 103 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France.