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Tony Ward

Couture Fall Winter 2014/15
From William Turner’s 19th century oil painting “Snow Storm: Hannibal and his Army Crossing the Alps”, Tony Ward drew his inspiration to create a Collection that expresses nature’s overwhelming and contradictory forces.
A dark storm cloud dominates the sky, with the sun attempting to break through the clouds; a white avalanche cascades down the mountain…Warm and earthy colors coexist with aquatic hues in this Collection where wind, rain and cloud, and a dynamic composition of contrasting light and dark prevail.
The Collection reflects the romantic landscape painting; it is as magnificent and grandiose. Fabrics like Leather, Jacquard and hand painted Satin create a Patchwork where color combinations imitate oil painting textures. Formfitting looks with big volumes and movement express the tempest and fury of the storm. Sheer lines and plunging necklines contrast with fitted, Baroque inspired high collar jackets. Intricate layers of delicate lace harmoniously blend with rougher materials.
Very feminine silhouettes stand out in this Collection, creating an image of a powerful woman whose beauty and character reflect in her Fashion statements.