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Downpours never felt this good

GROHE Rainshower® range takes shower experience to new dimensions
For many of us, it’s one of the best moments of the day - enjoying a relaxing hot shower, not a worry on our minds, simply washing away the stress of the day. Perfectly defined jets of water come together to form a full-bodied spray that massages our skin, relaxing our muscles and soothing our nerves. The GROHE Rainshower® family provides everything you need to realise such a superb shower experience on a daily basis. Comprising an extensive range of rain showers, it offers showers of all sizes, types and price ranges. Whether it is a stylish hand spray, a complete shower system or a state-of-the-art head shower - the GROHE Rainshower® family has the ideal solution for you.
The mission of GROHE Rainshower® is to optimise the shower experience in any bathroom, be it a luxurious private spa, a busy family bathroom or a compact en-suite. The multi-award-winning GROHE Rainshower® Icon hand showers, with their trademark ring-shaped design, are particularly versatile. Modern and eye-catching, they are both fun to look at and to use. As well as the full-fledged model with 150 mm diameter and convenient Eco button for reduced water consumption, there is also a particularly handy pared down version with a diameter of 100 mm. This makes it easy for customers to choose the right option to meet their unique demands in terms of style and comfort.
Colourful variety
The GROHE Rainshower® WaterColours Collection and the GROHE Rainshower® NaturalColours Collection are the perfect choice for injecting a splash of colour into your bathroom decor. While the former is available in a selection of bright and cheerful colours, the latter comes in a carefully selected palette of six natural colours inspired by rocks and earth. Whichever shower you choose, it will add undeniable impact to the style of your bathroom. The latest addition to the family is the GROHE Rainshower® Flower Collection. Here the showerhead is surrounded by a petal-shaped bumper, creating six attractive colour combinations for a fresh, florally inspired look.
Anyone looking to take the style and functionality of their shower to the max will find it hard to look past a GROHE Rainshower® shower system. These complete systems deliver the most comfortable and enjoyable showers you can imagine. Combining a perfect water experience with aesthetic pleasure, a GROHE Rainshower® system upgrades the shower to a private spa. No need to decide between a head shower and a hand shower, since they are both included. Optional thermostats and side showers are also available. Needless to say, the cutting-edge design of GROHE Rainshower® Next Generation can also be incorporated in the form of the ring-shaped Icon shower or the circular Solo variant.
Raindrops keep falling on my head...
The GROHE Rainshower® product line is famous for its perfect spray patterns, which are best enjoyed when coming from one of the many different head showers. Whether ceiling-mounted or suspended from the wall, whether you prefer round, oval or square designs, GROHE Rainshower® has it all. The extensive range comprises everything from head showers featuring the minimalist Cosmopolitan style to showers coordinated with the lozenge-shaped Veris and square Allure styles. Choose from GROHE Rainshower® Next Generation variants to the full GROHE Rainshower® F-Series programme. The latter combines square and round shapes with an ultra-flat design and the highest levels of functionality. Apart from head and ceiling showers, the portfolio also includes matching side showers as well as a multi-spray head shower with three individually adjustable spray types – perfect for adapting your shower to the time of day or the mood of the moment. Choose between gentle revitalisation, stress-reducing massages using the GROHE Bokoma Spray™ or a refreshing XL waterfall otherwise only found in commercial spas and saunas. Another highlight in the GROHE Rainshower® range is the jumbo head shower. Measuring an impressive 400 mm in diameter, it truly takes the shower experience into a new dimension.
Secret of their success
What all GROHE Rainshower® products have in common is GROHE DreamSpray®. At the heart of all GROHE showers, this innovative technology ensures that, irrespective of the water pressure, equal amounts of water are channelled to the central and peripheral nozzles on the shower face. This perfectly balanced distribution of water to all nozzles is the secret behind the even and precise spray patterns, which make every shower such an unforgettable experience.
Whatever your favourite time to shower, whatever shower experience you are looking for - you are sure to find it in the GROHE Rainshower® family.