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Mireille Dagher designed to convey the magic of Rome in DEEP INTO THE BLUE

From the depths of the seas to their sandy shores, Mireille Dagher was able to extract the secrets of the deep and its magic as well as all its artistic treasures, churning them into an exceptional collection that tells story after of ports and jewels. DEEP INTO THE BLUE; The Spring Summer 2014 collection by Mireille Dagher which portrays the feminine spirit through bold summer colors and unique designs was presented during Haute Couture Fashion Week in Rome.
This collection entitled DEEP INTO THE BLUE is the third of fashion designer MIREILLE DAGHER’s in the Italian capital focusing on the charm of the sea and its sparkling waters, giving us mermaid style gowns which highlight the beauty of the female silhouette with precision and delicacy.
As for the use of delicate summer fabrics, they emphasized the soft aspect of the designs; where Crepe accentuates sophistication and elegance while Muslin bestows a gentle magic touch, and lace highlights the artistic side embellishing female fashion with femininity.
Mireille Dagher transported all that exists in the sea from treasures and plants, minerals and shipwrecks, and translated them into elegant distinct designs and unique accessories; crystal gems take on shell shapes and algae overlap with fabrics lending unique elegance to dresses.
A bouquet of bright colors such as sky blue, pink, beige and gold, all colors of joy, intermingled with beautiful shell embroideries and elegant sparkling coral.
DEEP INTO THE BLUE fashion show began with a wedding dress revealing the theme and ended with a different exquisite one too where with glittering embroidery created the magic of summer in the language of the sea.