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Santoni Woman S/S 2014: Personal Eden

Ideal worlds and cultural reminiscences create a collection that combines the urban with the natural.
The spring/summer 2014 proposal from Santoni is, therefore, an incursion into the ideal world of a sophisticated and culturally vibrant woman who is able to turn natural environments into personal and private Eden. And with the same naturalness, immersed in lush vegetation like the suspended atmosphere of a desert, obtaining the timeless style of a refined holiday.
In this imaginary and chic style, the shapes of the leaves from the lush trees, the colours of flowers that are hiding amongst the green, the preciousness of the skins of the anaconda and the elaphe are transferred on sandals, pumps and even boots..
The Santoni S/S 2014 collection has three themes that stylistically intertwine and complete each other, every expression has a complementary aspect of another.