Alexis Malychef
Dr. Pierre Malychef is a specialist in pharmacology and toxicology. In his work as pharmacist, he has studied the natural medical applications of plants since the 1948s.

Over sixty five years career his natural preparations have been used by several generations of customers, who have benefited both from the depth of his knowledge and a service characterized bya personal interest in each individual and their case.
"Alexis Malychef" medical clinic offers natural methods of treating the body alongside arange of clinical plastic surgery options in the cosmetic market products and treatments are often touted as "Revolutionary". 

Much is promised unfortunately little is substantiated.
Highly skilled and certified professionals operate on the most guaranteed results.

Therefore, combining traditional wisdom with high—technology, the center provides a holistic approach to health and beauty that can be tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

Jal El Dib square
Al Mokhtar Bldg.
1st & 2nd floor
Above Credit Bank
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