Fabienne khoury, an expert in the field of make up and fashion, has recently shot to stardom when she was the official make up artist for the Miss Europe 2002-2003 contest. Ms. Khoury, which has over 10 diplomas ranging from interior design to fashion design from, esteemed institutions both locally and abroad.
Fabienne in a recent seminar she attended has demonstrated her expertise by hiding an excess of 60 facial flaws, and it is in Paris where we met with Ms. Khoury and discussed with her, her avid passion towards this art form.
In that interview Fabienne jokingly described her "addiction" to beauty and fashion, which she says she spends every waking hour towards perfecting it.When asked who was her favorite artist to work with,she answered with a breathtaking smile on her face, "all Arab artists."In a final comment Fabienne shared with us her secret to beauty, which is not only physical beauty but also mental health, radiating the inner beauty to compliment the outer and she attributes her success to the great ambiance and working environment at salon HIA Yehya and Zakaria.

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