Rashid Nassif is a scenographer  and  a professor  in the language of art and design.
He studied interior design as well as fashion design, and started out his career fusing these arts together, creating a new kind of art and a whole new world of modern design.
RED House today offers unique furniture design concepts, with the vision and expertise of Interior Architect and designer Rachid Nassif.
Haute Couture Furniture is tailor made from your wedding dress or any dress!  Amazing, exquisite, state of the art piece of furniture that stand alone are custom made for you.
Creativity does not stop there, interior decorating and planning, paintings, and accessories for the home... but also RED House introduces its line of exclusive Abayas. 
RED House Abayas are beautifully made from the finest of fabrics that blend into a myriad of colors and designs, all hand made and embroidered delicately... intricately designed.



610 St. near Saint Elie Church,

Fouad Nakhle bldg
2nd floor
Mob:  +961 3 270510