ABOUT Richard Tawil
Since Childhood, drawing has always been my passion. I used to draw my female classmates, imagining them wearing fancy dresses and stylish hats. Could it have been an omen of my future destined to become a fashion designer?
Consequently, I attended the Michel-Ange Design Academy in Beirut, where I was able to define my style and enhance my knowledge.
Working for eight years with a prominent Tailor's fashion house, I knew I could carry on single-handedly
In 1995, I inaugurated my head-office and workshop at St. Rock Center in Hazmieh - Lebanon, collaborating closely with a team of qualified talors and embroiderers. 
The year 1999 witnessed the launching of my first fashion show at The Coral Beach Hotel in Beirut, with an audience of ladies chosen from the elite society in town. It was a big success!
In the new millenium, a second spectacular fashion show was held, this time abroad, at the Sherraton Hotel in Kuwait. It was another big hit!
Moreover, in the same year, "RICHARD TAWIL" became a well known figure in the world of Fashion Design in lebanon. This sudden fame encouraged me to open my first boutique at Galleria 2000 in Kuwait, pushed by the strong desire to extend my business, on the one hand, and to promote my own style of evening gowns, wedding dresses and other accessories, on the other. Ever since, I have been prompted to travel regularly to Kuwait in order to stay close to my clients, listen to their requierments, and to execute their orders with an innovative tailor-made style, full of elegance and diversity.
2002 marked a much needed boost in my career, as my third fashion show titled "Mrs. Butterfly" took place at the Metropolitan Hotel in Beirut, and was attended by guests from all over the Arab world. It was remarkable!
My Spring Summer 2007 Collection was launched with a fashion show entitled: "The Red Carpet for Celebrities Collection" at Biel - Beirut. It was attended by local and international media and was dedicated to all the stars, artists and the elite in lebanon and the world.
I see my work as a mixture of fabrics such as satin, silk, tulle and lace embroidered with gold and silver stone crystals, expressed in a very distinguished style.
I see myself now, still standing on the threshold of my fashion designing career... With the sky as my ambition limit. As i look forward to my successful contribution, in my own humble way, to the expression of beauty of God's subliminal creation: "WOMAN." 

Charles Debbas Ave.
St. Rock Center
4th Floor
Tel/Fax: + 961 5 452668, 
Mob: +961 3 271159


Galleria 2000 
Boutique 11
Tel: +965 2 5718440, 
Mob: +965 6 5850300