Ali Al Khechen is a Lebanese fashion designer, dedicated to being at the forefront of global fashion trends, escaping into a world of glamour, femininity and elegance with a sophisticated edge.
He started designing when he was very young. He was very creative at making clothes for luxurious women.
His classical royals' designs were made in a very delicate way. He dealt with the most famous designers in Lebanon and Arab countries.
Ali’s aim has been to blend elegance with innovation. Focusing on luxurious fabrics and quality craftsmanship, her clothes are detailed and tailored yet maintain a sexy modern edge.
His design sense commands a sophisticated look with an acute sense of taste for elegance and glamour. They featured streamlined silhouettes in luxurious fabrications with elaborate beading and embroidery.
When you select a creation from Ali al Khechen collections, you wear something far more than just a wedding or evening dress. You make a statement. One that exemplifies the style, the attitude and the elegance of the woman, you are.

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