Charlotte Licha grew up in Lebanon. Since she was 12, she started sketching dresses; She says: 'Since that time my small world started to be created.'
At the age of 19 and after gaining a high diploma in fashion design, pattern-making and fashion marketing; the designer went to study photography which made of her a designer hungry for fashion and gifted with an eye for beauty.
Being a fashion consultant for photo sessions and chief designer, creating and designing couture and ready to wear collections for many Lebanese and international fashion houses enriched her career and experience.
Back in Lebanon in 2009, her career as a woman in the business began, and with his support they established the Global Fashion Group, a company that produces luxurious evening dresses and sells to more than 30 boutiques all over the world.
In 2010, she started to seek the fashion world’s center stage when she showed her first collection at the salon du 'Prêt à Porter' in Paris, but that wasn’t satisfying enough. Charlotte soon searched for other avenues where she could expand her innovative designs and took an ambitious steps by opening her couture fashion house in Ashrafieh, Lebanon.
Her years of experience allowed her to get a real and deep idea about how to see the woman, her principle reference, and the way in which she wants her to wear her dresses, revealing her personality and inner beauty. She says: 'Sometimes a fabric refers to a person or a scene.'
In passion and precision, the designer creates her dresses; she constantly seeks the perfect agreement to make a creative unit. 
She loves the materials, plays with them and is guided throughout her inspiration. She has her ways of excellence in couture work, sophistication elegant curves and artisanal embroideries, details that sublimate woman and make the difference.
Charlotte decided to go to the heart of the haute couture world to dedicate herself to her dream in fashion design. She is willing to show her first couture collection in Paris during the haute couture fashion in January 2014. She says: 'No matter who you are, wear what suits you and act like a lady.'

Independence Ave.
Zenith Tower,
Bloc A,
7th Floor
Tel    +961 71 111120