Saiid Kobeisy's passion for Couture started at a young age. He understood that colors went with certain skin tones, and styles varied amongst body shapes. He would assis his father, in the boutique that they owned, by giving his opinion to the customers.
By the age of 18, Kobeisy was working part time with designers around Beirut. At the age of 20, a designer asked Kobeisy to add his touch to a collection and this is how his journey began.
Kobeisy was praised for this new charismatic style that was found in the collection and he was approached for customized dresses. He branded these unique dresses under the name Deluchy. The first collection assembled under the name "Saiid Kobeisy" was released in Lebanon in 2002; it consisted of 9 dresses. Now his collections range between 30-40 dresses.
In 2005 he opened his first Haute Couture showroom in Verdun. He then moved his showroom to Downtown in 2010.
Kobeisy enjoys popularity for his original vision and style. His mixture of modernism and luxury add a unique touch to all his designs which deliver elegance, luxury and personality.
He continues to expand his business worldwide, with a boutique opening up in Dubai and a boutique open in Michigan, USA, his main branch will always reside in his home country Lebanon.
As time goes by, Kobeisy still shocks his customers with prestigious and original designs and styles that have never been seen before. Kobeisy's glamorous collections also include accessories, such as shoes, bags, and jewelry which compliment his charming designs.

Saiid Kobeisy Showroom, LEBANON
Tel +961 180 1031
Laha Fashion Boutique, Jordan
Tel +962 65853603
Deluchy Boutique, Kuwait
Tel +965 99772664
DO-RE-ME Boutique, Libya
Roche Noir Boutique, Qatar
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Glamour Boutique,  Qatar
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Sposabella Boutique, Qatar
Tel +974 44660328
Be The Friend Boutique, KSA
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Nd-Fashion Boutique, KSA
Al Khoubar
Her Majesty Boutique, KSA
Christian Dolage Boutique, KSA
Donna Moda Boutique, UAE
Abu Dhabi
Tel +971 26712525
Deluchy Boutique, UAE
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Paris Soirée Boutique, UAE
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Saiid Kobeisy Showroom, USA
2939 E. Big Beaver Rd
Troy, Michigan
Tel +248 528 0144