Bassam has started in 1983 and collaborated with fashion leaders in Lebanon, headed by the creator Elie Saab and Ms. Papou Lahoud Saade; whom he was always thankfull, he was never shy from inception, it flashed bight like millions of tonal cells which dive in the skies of his ideas, he presented his stylings for Arab artists like Sabah, Najwa Karam, Pascale Machalani to Nawal El Kuwaitiya and others, added to that Rahbani Theatre and close cooperation with Romeo Lahoud…
Bassam had also the honor to be the fashion designer for selected women from the Lebanese society, Arab countries, Princesses and Ministers and Ambassadors’ wives..
For him: “Women are the only window to the world of elegance and beauty, that is why we might need a lot of time to be more creative and to present her:  Her perfect image..”


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