Jamil Khansa
Jamil Khansa, fashion designer, graduated in Beirut and enhanced his expertise in Los Angeles in 1994, where his career was being tailored to fit the most exquisite tastes. His pursuit for fashion went beyond a passion for fabric or color, his designs where a statement of femininity, elegance, charm, and the embodiment of a woman’s constant quest to personalize her presence and be unique. Jamil shaped his vision of fashion by taming nature’s diversity and customizing it in a classic original silhouette to fit every woman’s perception of beauty. From Beirut, to the United States, to Dubai, to the fashion week in Rome, and the fashion week in Paris, and the entire Arab world, Jamil managed to overwhelm the ladies with his distinctive designs.

Block A, Berytus Parks Building
Park Avenue, Beirut Central District
Beirut, Lebanon
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