Fadi Nahle
FADI NAHLE began his lucrative design career in 1986 with a widely futuristic creative style. Harmony in color, accuracy, innovative style, modern design is a demonstration of FADI NAHLE talent.

With a variety of specialized style FADI NAHLE decorate his showroom for private clients but also doubles as a gallery where FADI holds two installations a year showcasing former fashion greats in “theme” presentations such as Wedding dresses and evening wear,etc.

FADI NAHLE is a true connoisseur of both Oriental and European fashion and somehow knows what design firms will be “sampling” even before they do. A constant attempt to keep pace with the fast changing trends in Women’s Fashion Wear.Living up to the high experience of the modern fashion conscious.


Verdun-Near Dunes
Beirut, lebanon
Tel/Fax: 961 1808 445
Mobile: 961 3232 446