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By : Jay Fawzi - CHOC Magazine   
Fashion Personalities

While a woman’s fashion style is her personal interpretation of fashion together with how she likes to wear her clothes, personality is what pulls a whole look together and dictates this style. It says who she is and is expressed by her style; Classic, Trendy, Casual, or Romantic and her personal attributes such as Elegant, Contemporary, Sporty, or Sexy.

What influences and confuses
The clothes we wear and how we wear them are influenced by factors such as age, build, life style, environment, budget, culture and personal preferences. We may dress a certain way, but not necessarily know what category of style we fall into.
Many women feel that they drift amongst different fashions, kind of ‘fashion schizophrenics.’  Severe fashion confusion however, is caused by being strongly influenced by others to wear clothes that don’t match our natural personalities.
Women, who follow trends regardless of what they are comfortable in and who buy clothes just because they are a certain brand or the latest fad, end up losing their identities. Their looks will lack focus and have no personal signature style to them. One very important sign of harmony between our fashion styles and our personalities is to feel 'right' in what we are wearing. It is also helpful to listen to how others describe us. Do they say we are always put together? Are we trendsetters? Can they describe us as unadventurous, or maybe dainty and flirty? Our personalities are often, but not always, strong indicators of what types of styles suit us best. Does what they see match who we are?
It is an eye opener for a woman to know what fashion style personality she is. It makes shopping for clothes so much easier knowing what she wants, and how to feel her best whether she possesses a Classic sense of style, a Trendy fashion flair, an innate Casual look or a Romantic dreamy allure.


Classic & Elegant
This woman gets noticed before her clothes. Her taste in clothes is known for the best fabrics and simple styles.  She loves timeless fashion designs like tailored trousers, semi-fitting jackets, and sleek pumps. Because classic style stands the test of time well, the classic fashion personality type is often able to wear her clothing and fashion accessories for years. She owns a few good pieces of jewelry and only genuine leather accessories. The Classic type woman finds it hard to dress casually and mix and match her wardrobe. She is more comfortable in a smart, neat and tidy look.
The Classic personality type buys the best quality they can afford, but are not very fashion orientated.
Their wardrobes are dominated by basics, clean and straight lines, and neutral colors such as black, gray and white. Style icons for this type are Coco Chanel, Victoria Beckham, and Angelina Jolie.


Trendy & Contemporary
The woman who belongs to this group understands how to dress appropriately and will buy current styles. She will keep her look trendy with the latest accessories, hair styles and make up. She is conscious of the latest fashion items, and what's "in" now is important to her.
Her personality generally knows what suit her, as she will try the latest trends but adapt them to her figure and personality.
Some women in this category can be arty, and have a funky style - always a little different. 
The trendy woman type’s style is influenced by celebrity fashion, fashion magazines, and fashion designers. She enjoys shopping and fashion, and is considered a fashion savvy by her friends. Style icons for this woman are Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.


Casual & Sporty
This woman prefers jeans and T-shirts, sweats and pants, and her favorite shoes are sneakers and flip-flops. Comfort is important to her and often comes before style. Her casual fashion style fits a casual lifestyle.
Casual does not mean sloppy, even though comfort is of prime importance to her when choosing her clothes.
The Casual type woman tends to carry the same handbag for a long time and she doesn’t wear much jewelry.
Her wardrobe works much better for her at playful occasions than at work. She favors naturals, simple lines and low maintenance clothes. Her trademark is easy, relaxed dressing with minimum fuss and style icons of hers are Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz.
Compared to other fashion personality types, she doesn’t spend a lot of time shopping, and she can sometimes get confused by the choices available, so she tends to go for the old familiar standbys, such as t-shirts.


Romantic & Passionate
The Romantic fashion woman takes her style influence from the past. She has a love for everything pretty and nice. She loves being a woman and enjoys touches of lace, soft florals and pearls. This personality type can sometimes look a bit out of place in the modern world, but is the most femininely dressed by far.
Her wardrobe consists of pants that are soft and draped, rather than crisp and tailored, long skirts and lacy tops. Floral prints, pastel colors, feminine details, soft, flowing fabrics, ruffles, bows,  lace, and velvet are all probably present in some form in her closet. As are hats and gloves, that she would wear as fashion accessories. Her taste in jewelry leans towards antique or vintage, or reflect a vintage fashion sense, as long as it is delicate.
Romantics like planning their wardrobes for every day or occasion, and many of them enjoy collecting beautiful objects. A couple of Romantics’ style icons are Marilyn Monroe and Scarlett Johansson.



And more…

As many personalities as there are, there are also fashion types. We may fall into any one of these four personality types or be a combination of more than one. Similarly, there are also Sexy, Dramatic, Creative, Urban… and more fashion personality types.
Sexy are women who like accentuating their curves, and wearing fitting clothes in fluid sensual fabrics like silk and cashmere, while Dramatics aim at making an entrance and wearing clothes that are shocking. Creative personalities aim to look unique and are good at mixing weird combinations successfully and creatively. And then there are the Urban personalities which are modern, innovative and pragmatic in clothes like cargo pants, tank tops and sneakers.


Style Modification
Change is good, and little changes to set fashion personalities can be refreshing and much needed at times. The Classic type woman could show a more updated look without losing her classic fashion personality by simply adding a few trendy items to her wardrobe, and some bright colors and prints. As for the casually dressed woman, she could add more serious items, like tailored jackets and pants to her wardrobe, to fit in better in work environments, for example. She could also wear a dress rather than jeans to go to dinner too. The same goes for the trendy dresser who wears celebrity fashions even to work. A few basic neutral items added to her wardrobe will help her mix and match them with her favorite trendier pieces and dress more appropriately for her career. The romantically inclined woman is the most feminine, but can go overboard with frills that make her look more girlish than womanly. Adding some contemporary basics to her romantic wardrobe can help balance her look out and be more age appropriate for her.
We usually dress according to our likes and dislikes. Some people go for the sporty and casual look, while others appear sophisticated and polished all the time. Some of us dress to stand out, while others are shy.  Most of us favor one particular type of fashion personality, though we may sometimes wear styles that are indicative of another. The best look is if we know how to balance all types and dress up for every occasion appropriately.