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By : Jocelyne Boutros   
You, Him, Ice Cubes, Gel and Accessories

We always look for the person who will satisfy us, not only romantically and mentally, but also on all physical and sexual levels, responding to all desires and longings and making all our fantasies come true… till death do us part.

Being in a relationship, whatever the nature of that relationship is, gives a feeling of comfort, stability and the assurance that someone is and will always be there for you. When you meet this “special someone” for the very first time, you’re curious and eager to know more, if interested in the person of course. After sharing a few meals, parties or kisses, your body becomes the curious one, wondering how it will be touched and caressed, how your lips will be kissed and your senses transported to higher levels of ecstasy. We tend to anticipate this amazing sensuality that will satisfy our hunger for passion. In some cases, these day or night dreams lead to disappointment and in others, they lead to contentment accompanied by impatience, the eagerness to discover more. 


When the lure of sleep wins out over sex
Being in a relationship means moving forward together; making plans, maybe getting married or having children. This whole process is exciting and fun when you’re in the beginning of it and you’re looking forward to spending the rest of your life with that stud who takes you up to cloud nine and back every night. A few years down that line, things do not feel nor look the same. 
Most of us would agree that the nicest stage of a relationship is the one made of all theses moments of intimacy spent together discovering each other’s desires; doing everything to satisfy the other, find out what he likes, where to touch and be touched. We call it the honeymoon phase of a committed relationship, and as all honeymoons have endings, this beautiful phase of a couple’s life tends to fade away with time leaving its magic to a routine made of work-home-quickie once in a while-sleep. 
Working all day and coming back home tired to prepare dinner, fix your house or receive friends or family over does not necessarily put you in your sexiest mood. With time, couples tend to unintentionally neglect their intimacy; although still desiring each other, the act of being physically intimate looses its prominence and does not have an entire night dedicated to it anymore, no more special mood, music or even outfit. The passion fades for the simple reason that you both know exactly what’s coming.  
If you have sensed a recent lack of heat in the bedroom or you simply want to revive your sex life a bit, kink might be the way to go.

Passion is not hot… it’s cold!

Bringing back sensuality and passion into your bedroom is not a hard thing to do; it takes some imagination, willingness and fun spirit to remind your partner of what your nights used to be. 
No matter how tired you are, try to find the time to take care of yourself, wax or shave, trade the cotton undies for some sexy lingerie and get an ice cube. Yes an ice cube. 
Ice can make you surprisingly hot when used on the appropriate parts of a body, sensually electrifying your senses at its touch and sending shivers down your spine when a melted drop rolls down your back. Be creative and play with it, using it to distract your partner from a wandering hand whose sole purpose is to excite and arouse. 
The chill of an ice cube wakes up your body to new experiences and surprises your nerves with the unexpected. 
Experimenting with different textures and temperatures adds subtlety to your sexuality but remember to keep it external, you do not want to ruin this long-awaited night with an incident. 

Toys are fun

Nowadays, there is an entire market dedicated to pleasure, so being inventive is not an issue anymore.
Spicing up your love life when it is reaching a routine is essential to the well functioning of your relationship. Growing up, becoming a parent, working, none of all these reasons is sufficient enough to neglect neither your partner nor your alone moments, moments during which you learn about each other and offer yourself unconditionally, regardless of the number of years you have spent together. 
It is important and actually amusing to seduce your partner; showing him that you still feel attracted to him, that you still desire his body and that you sure do know how to use yours. 
Sensual seduction has always been associated with touch but it involves more than touching and caressing, it also involves stimulating the other four senses: smell, sight, hearing and taste. Many accessories allow you to do so; from gels to costumes to toys, everything has been designed to help you increase your partner and your desire and pleasure. There are many types of gel and most of them are edible and flavored to your likings. Some are made to massage sensually your companion, others to increase a woman’s pleasure, and some are simply lubricants. But whether you like chocolate, mint, strawberry, coconut or any other fruit, there is no doubt that tasting it off your loved one’s skin will be much more pleasurable than having it in your plate. 
Sex toys are a fun and exciting way to put some heat back in the bedroom, as long as both of you are ok with kinking your sex life up a notch. Using a vibrator for example is not only for single or frustrated women who look for some self-satisfaction while their men are away, they can be used during sex to increase pleasure and help climax. There are dozens of accessories that can be utilized to add up some kink and spice to a relationship, just make sure that your partner is up to it in order to avoid ending the night with an argument.
Remember: spontaneity is a key ingredient in reviving your sex life. 
Having a healthy sex life is very important for any new, old, successful or struggling relationship. Sharing your bed every night is nice but sharing your body with the one sleeping next to you is even nicer. We tend to lose creativity or excitement about intimacy along the way, falling into a routine that keeps us partially satisfied. Renewing your passion by occasionally surprising one another guarantees your couple’s consolidation, but not only that, it draws a smile on both your faces whenever you remember what you have done for each other… and to each other.