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By : Jay Fawzi - Choc Magazine   
Women Love Chocolate. No, They Crave it!

Chocolate: Most people, including men, love it, but women crave it.  And the more forbidden it is, the more it is craved. Why don’t men seem to have the same issues with their chocolate cravings that women do? And what exactly is it about chocolate that makes it so wonderful?

Almost everybody likes chocolate. In fact, 9 out of 10 people do. However, only 15% of men report chocolate cravings, compared to 40% of women that admit to them. And while there are no specific studies that explain the reasons for these forbidden desires, there are some reasonable explanations that could shed light on this subject. Sinful and decadent, are just two of the words women use to described their passion for chocolate. No question about it, women just love their chocolates.  


Just because
Chocolate is delicious! It tastes great. There are many different kinds of chocolate to choose from, catering to every taste imaginable. Its rich and creamy texture allows us to savor every moment of eating it. There is nothing quite like chocolate when it comes to dessert, and if something tastes good, people to want more of it.


Feel good feeling
It stimulates serotonin release, which is a neurotransmitter associated with impacting mood. Increased serotonin levels can decrease anxiety and depression, initiating happy feelings instead. Sugar, an ingredient in chocolate, allows the release of endorphins which can cause feelings of euphoria. Caffeine and Theobromine, both found in chocolate, can give women that much needed energy boost, especially in the middle of a long day. PEA, or phenlythylamine, affects the nervous system, stimulating it through high blood pressure and increased heart rate. This reaction creates feelings that are similar to feelings of love. Anadamine, another substance found in chocolate, may actually duplicate the reactions of marijuana, giving a “high” to the person consuming it, though on a much more limited basis. 


Simple indulgence
 As far back as the Aztec society, chocolate was regarded as a “food of the Gods.” Only those born into nobility, priests and warriors, were allowed to partake of this tasty treat. This exclusiveness of chocolate caused those who were forbidden to have it to carve it. Ordinary people wanted the luxury of indulging in a piece of chocolate as a way to feel special and pampered. These feelings of indulgence and desire are still associated with chocolate today.

Venus Vs. Mars

"Chocolate does affect women differently than men," reports a study on the difference of female and male brains. The female's cyclic rise and fall of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone trigger a craving for chocolate.  Another reason why women crave chocolate more may be due to its rich magnesium content. Especially during menstruation, women might reach out to their daily dose of chocolate to increase magnesium levels.  

Another unscientific way to understanding this chocolate riddle is to know that men and women are so different when it comes to the operation of their minds and to the hormonal changes that happen to them. Women’s hormonal levels keep changing every now and then as a result of the menstrual cycle, and that makes them more vulnerable to mood changes. Now the more a person's mood changes the more that person becomes in need for something to regulate his or her mood, and this is where chocolate comes into play. Women love chocolate so much because it helps them regulate their mood as a result of the hormonal changes they experience. Chocolate cravings are even higher for women during PMS. Many people attribute these additional cravings during this time to the fact that women’s moods are affected by PMS, and the good feelings that chocolate produces, are a way to offset the PMS.
Chocolate carries many benefits with it. Dark chocolate has more antioxidants than tea, and chocolate makes you happy - are men less happy than women then? In fact, research has confirmed that at least until their late 40s, women are happier than men! Could that be that women are more prone to dieting in their late 40s?