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By : The Fustany Team December 15, 2016  
15 Fun Things Every Couple Should Try Doing Together

Many couples out there complain that their relationship kinds of gets mundane and boring after a while. Date night is always about the same activities, and they sometimes even run out of things to say! Don't let that happen, and check out these 15 fun things every couple should trying doing together.

Break your relationship routine, and take fun risks. Relationships need work, and you always need to take the time to do the things you've always wanted to do with your partner. Don't let life pass you by. To help you out, we've gathered a list with fun things every couple needs to try. Read on, and get ready to refresh your date nights.

1. Take a walk. If all your dates are about dinner and movies, you must try having a nice walk and you'll be amazed how the conversation will just flow.

2. Go to the movies. However, try to see a different film genre than what you're used to watch together. Ditch the romance and try an action thriller; he'll love you for that!

3. Cook a meal together. Don't just go for an easy option like mac and cheese, try pizza or even try cooking a three-course meal - appetizer, main dish and dessert. Extra fun points for setting up the table together.

4. Go on a road trip. There's nothing like being stuck in the car together for hours, with endless conversations, beautiful landscape and great music in the background. Sounds like the ultimate fun for couples.

5. Have a Q&A date night. Start with random questions and quiz each other, you'll surely find out loads of interesting things about your significant other. Keep the questions simple, to have a fun night full of giggles.

6. Play a board game. If Monopoly or Scrabble are not your thing, go for a deck of cards and enjoy some healthy competition.

7. Explore your city. Play tourists for the day, and go to that museum you've never been to together. Enjoy sightseeing and take loads of photos to document your sweet memories!

8. Have a movie marathon. Pick a couple of your favorite movies, prepare yummy snacks, and just cozy up on the couch. You can also binge-watch your favorite series - back to back episodes of Friends, why not!

9. Go to the amusement park. Is there anything more fun than riding roller-coasters, eating cotton candy and winning that teddy bear at carnival games? An unusual yet fun date option.

10. Head to the seaside. Enjoy relaxing on the beach together, and you can also try renting a yacht for the day for a little adventure!

11. Have an indoor picnic. Yes! Lay out a blanket in your living room, load a straw basket with your favorite treats, sit and enjoy the lovely atmosphere you just created.

12. Go to the opera. It's nice to have a sophisticated date night every now and then, so dress up and have a cultural experience like never before.

13. Attend a concert or a music festival. Whether it's a famous singer or just your favorite local band playing, hearing live music together is such a thrilling encounter.

14. Go restaurant hopping. Put a plan with your all-time favorite restaurants in the city, and go ahead and hop from one restaurant to another, ordering all your favorite dishes. Not for the faint hearted!

15. Learn something new together. Whatever you're both interested in, take photography, dancing or cooking classes. You'll have fun working as a duo and learning together.