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Mascara Tips for Beginners

How can we talk about eye makeup and not talk about mascara? Here are some important tips for proper mascara application.
1.    Start applying the mascara from the roots of your lashes and not the tips. This technique gives you enough volume and doesn’t weigh down your eyelashes.

2.    To prevent your lashes from looking clumpy, coat on layers of mascara, depending on the desired volume.

3.    To make your mascara last longer, avoid pumping the wand while pulling out the mascara. Instead, swirl it. This also doesn’t dry out the mascara.

4.    In case you are using an eyelash curler after applying the mascara, ensure the mascara on the eyes is semi-wet and not dry.

5.    While applying the mascara on the lower lashes, place a tissue paper right under your lashes to prevent smudging your makeup.