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By : Shannon Kearns/ Touvia.com   
9 Simple Ways to Look Chic

While Audrey Hepburn's style will, in my mind, forever define chic, even I have to admit that the definition has changed over the decades. Now in 2014, when loud prints and highly structured clothing is so trendy, how does the average woman decide what is and isn't chic? Well, that's what I'm here for. I've compiled a simple list of 9 ways that I hope will help that average woman incorporate 2014 chic into her everyday looks.

Embrace the Gold midi ring: Nothing says chic like simple gold jewelry. By sporting a gold midi ring (or three), you enhance the femininity of your hands while adding a subtle accent to your entire look. For those looking to amp up the elegance of a look, midi rings are a quick and inexpensive way to do so. Depending on your style, you may want to stick to simple, round midi rings on one or two fingers (above right). For those who are a little more daring, try some of the unique shapes (above left). Don't be afraid to wear three midis and a regular ring or two at a time — hell, I do it all the time!

Go for a nude shoe: I love a floral pump just as much of the next gal, but when it comes to defining chic shoes for 2014, nude sandals take the cake. As with gold midi rings, nude, barely-there sandals enhance the femininity of your look without distracting the eye. In fact, they're so subtle that you can wear them with just about anything. Dress up your boyfriend jeans or your shorts by throwing on a pair of nude pumps!

Let your hair run wild: Yep, I said it — let your hair do its own thing. Chic has always been about elegance and class, and it very much still is. However, in recent years, all-natural minimalist looks have started to take over. Texturized hair, messy braids, and loose buns have won out over the slicked-back Kim Kardashian top-knot that was so popular a few years ago. Ditch the gel and embrace your hair's natural body.

Ditch the tan: Nothing irks me more than seeing beautiful, well-dressed, orange women walking around. "Don't they know that tans are out," I think to myself. With recent heightened awareness about skin cancer and sun safety, tans have quickly become a thing of the past. While a tan used to be seen as healthy, it is now beginning to be looked on as unnatractive and unhealthy. This is actually great news for us women — staying out of the sun makes looking younger longer a much easier feat!

Darken your brow: It seems like every day there's a new brow tutorial in my news feed. Dark, prominent brows have become hugely popular over the last few years, and for good reason. They shave years off a woman's look and bring her one step closer to that runway model look for which we all secretly strive (minus the toothpick figure, of course). The key to embracing a thick brow is to keep the rest of your make-up simple.

Loosen up: We all know that baggy boyfriend jeans are "in," but pants aren't the only things that are getting looser. More and more, less-fitted clothing is becoming the norm. Whether you're shopping for jeans, pants, dresses, or shorts, remember that loose-fitting pieces are the perfect way to highlight chic, effortless style.

Sell  your platform heels: Not much needs to be said here. While the extra height and comfort of a platform heel can be nice, most platform shoes just end up looking like they belong on a porn star. If you truly want to embrace chicness, trade your platforms in for an elegant black pump or a nude sandal. A pointed toe pump is always going to class up any look, so be sure you have at least one neutral pair of these on hand.

Find your statement piece: True, chic is about simple elegance, but that doesn't mean accent pieces aren't important. In fact, over-the-top jewelry, sunglasses and handbags are all over runways and fashion magazines. Keep two or three statement pieces that go with several different outfits on layaway, and pull one out when you feel your look might be walking the line between chic and boring. Depending on your personal style, you may even want to wear two statement pieces at once, such as some oversized shades with a printed handbag. 

Wear every look with confidence: As I've said before, chic is all about being effortlessly stylish. Think of the French who, even when wearing jeans and a t-shirt, somehow manage to make themselves look elegant. Why is that, we wonder? It's simple: they carry themselves with grace and confidence. Their make-up is subtle, their posture is annoyingly perfect, and their walk carries intention and class. Wearing your clothes with confidence is key to pulling off any look, whether it's simply jeans and a T or something so over-the-top styled that it's ultra trendy. Before leaving the house, ask yourself this: "Am I completely confident in what I'm wearing?" Take the woman on the bicycle above, as an example. That's one hell of a styled look, but does it look like she's being drowned out by the clothes? Absolutely not! Even on a bike in platform heels she manages to look ultra chic. All these women above are walking with purpose, and I'd happily challenge anyone who says they don't look chic.