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By : JC   

It’s supposed to be the happiest time of our lives, yet we still catch ourselves in chilling fear as we realize that we’re about to step into the unknown.


Pre-wedding jitters? It happens, and we are not alone! For some it is the thought of spending the rest of their lives with the same person, for others it is the fear of a catastrophe happening on their wedding day, but there are also times when these symptoms may signify a more serious problem - and deserve immediate attention.


Nothing is perfect, not even you!

Sometimes over analyzing may do more harm than good. At such a sensitive time of our lives, although being sure of making the right decision is crucial, exaggeration needs to be avoided. There are ups and downs in life, and taking one day or one incident that happened to disappoint us does not indicate a failed marriage to-be. Whether it was an argument or a boring evening, it doesn’t mean we are destined for a lifetime of fighting and boredom.

Remaining confident in your decision, and remembering all the reasons you have for wanting to get married, are the reasonable way to tackle this. Furthermore, sharing feelings with your fiancée may put your nerves at rest.

Pre-wedding stress can make you more irritable, impatient, and easily annoyed, and you may find yourself suddenly unable to tolerate certain things. It’s okay, just recognize that you're extra moody -- and do your best to keep things in perspective.


Pre-party panic and compromise

Although promising to share your life with someone is a big step, once you get to this stage you should be pretty certain that this is the right person. Being well prepared is always key, but fretting about every detail will just get in the way of what should be a beautiful day. Whatever happens, people will only remember the good parts, so best to relax and enjoy! The last two weeks before the big day, most brides-to-be find that they are panicked -- sweating, shaking, losing sleep, and not eating. While this is not healthy, it is normal. You are making a lifetime commitment which is getting closer every day.

Whether it’s about favorite colors, pets, or which side of the bed you prefer. No matter what the issues are, merging lives is never altogether smooth, but these differences are usually not worth ending an engagement.  Compromise is necessary at this point—life is about give and take, give a little and you may find that you get a lot back.


Call it off?

On a more serious note, there are relationship problems that lie beyond the world of pre-wedding nerves, and irritations. When facing such problems, best not ignore them. Facing the issue is crucial, then trying to find solutions, postponing the wedding -- or calling it off if the problem seems beyond repair.

Emotional instability

The period of time between the actual wedding day and after the wedding planning is basically all done, can be a strange and emotionally challenging time for many brides. In this empty space, difficult feelings of anger, sadness, and fear often come up. And unfortunately, since there's nothing that urgently needs doing, there’s nothing to distract from these feelings. Many brides are bewildered by these big feelings.  They believe that their engagement is supposed to be one of the happiest times of their lives.  Yes, happiness is a major part, but so are fear, anger, and sadness.  These difficult feelings are normal and necessary as to make the transition from single to married, from fiancée to wife. Experiencing and understanding these difficult feelings prepares women for this change.

It’s no wonder that getting married is said to be one of the most stressful events in a person's life and almost everyone suffers from last minute nerves, wedding jitters or extremely cold feet! The important thing is to keep these wedding jitters under control and not let them ruin your big day. One of the best ways to help calm wedding jitters is to sit quietly, just before the ceremony and, if need be, remind yourself exactly why you want to get married!