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By : Liana Satenstein   
The Top Styling Tips to Look Slimmer and Sexier
Whether your body is pear-, ruler-, hourglass-, or apple-shaped, we have the perfect clothing guide — inspired by our Fashion Week street style — to fit your body type. We selected the best outfits to hide those problem areas and also to highlight your best assets. You'll be feeling sexier and warm weather-ready in no time!
1. The Peplum
A classic, chic peplum is the ultimate way to cinch your waist and hide trouble areas.
Best for: Apple
2. The Layering Effect
Layers are perfect for sectioning off your body. Try color-blocking or mixing patterns to emphasize curves.
Best for: Ruler
3. The Structured Jacket
A mid-thigh structured jacket gives your form a slender (and polished!) appearance.
Best for: Universal
4. The Bold Pattern
Wear bold patterns to accentuate your favorite assets.
Best for: Universal
5. The Open Shoulder
Open shoulders and volumnious sleeves are a key way to create the effect of a more proportionate figure.
Best for: Apple
6. The Maxi Skirt
A maxi skirt is an instant leg-lengthener and waisttightener.
Best for: Hourglass, Ruler
7. The 3D Skirt
The 3D skirt is a great wait to create the illusion of "bottom" curves, or to enhance them if you've already got the goods.
Best for: Apple, Ruler
8. The Empire Waist
An empire waist is the perfect way to either accentuate your curves or to give you them; this look brings out the best of both worlds.
Best for: Universal
9. The Classic Black Ensemble
As always, all-black is a classic instant slimmer. We don't have to tell you that twice!
Best for: Universal
10. The Short Skirt
Pair a short skirt with a loose shirt to make your legs appear longer, all without showing too much skin.
Best for: Pear, Ruler