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By : Judy Chammas   
Fashionably Forty… and Sexy

As time passes, we are continually inventing a New Us.  As everything in life changes, it is obvious that our roles in life evolve, as do we.  As women, we learn to adapt as we fit ourselves neatly into each stage of life.  However, it is only natural to want to hold on to that sexy, confident, young woman we were just a few, short years ago.  And we can!

There are certain qualities women have that never have to change. The fundamentals may change, but the sexy, confident results can stay the same. Being over 40, women must learn how to maintain their sexy looks with the help of a few fashion tips.

Showing enough but not too much
If wrinkles, sun spots, freckles or gravity have started interfering with your décolleté, there are alternatives to still look sexy without showing too much.  Necklaces are a chic way to drawing attention to your cleavage without showing it. And scarves work wonders too.
Showing off your shoulders and wearing one shoulder dresses always looks sexy too.
A lace camisole or top, especially in a nude or skin tone color, under a low cut shirt or jacket suggests cleavage without actually showing anything.

Turning heads at 40
The rules have changed for women over 40 to stand out. The noticeable styling that indicated sexy, such as short, tight, low-cut and a heavy use of animal prints, does not work anymore and, can even have a negative effect on a mature woman. For a woman to be a head-turner over 40, new style rules apply that can make her look and feel irresistible during the sexiest years of her life.
• Dress for your shape
Of course, wearing ill-fitting clothes will not flatter any look, but it isn’t only size that women must comply with. Now more than ever, is the time to learn about our bodies and the style strategies to dress for our different shapes. By dressing for her shape, not just her size, a woman will instantly appear slimmer, taller and feel sexier. This is a style secret of celebrities.
• Less is more…
‘Like showing her shape, not her skin. A woman over 40 can appear sexier by flaunting the curves of her body, not hiding in an oversized clothes or showing too much in something too tight or too low. This style strategy will show her body confidence which is always attractive.
• The right underwear
As much as we may hate to admit it, gravity is at work now, and a good fitting bra can counter its effects by keeping breasts in an uplifted position. A woman will appear  more youthful and it also improves posture. The silhouette of her overall appearance is enhanced and creates a sexy appearance.

Dress for who you are, not who you wish you were
For women over 40, the trick to feeling fresh and alluring is dressing to feel good about themselves for themselves, not other people. Women over 40 often question their sexual relevancy and too often make the mistake of trying to dress like their 20 year-old selves or daughters, hoping to recapture the feeling of being attractive and appealing. They still have many head-turning days ahead of them if they learn to dress for the body they have, not the one they used to have, or wish they still had.

Hollywood redefines fashion rules for women over 40
Several of Hollywood’s leading ladies over the age of 40, like Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Aniston have decided to challenge the rules of age-appropriate dressing, in terms of fierce, sexy styles. What was once thought to be worn by women fifteen to twenty years younger is now being embraced by the likes of Gwyneth and Jennifer. Without doing the tube top and short shorts look, they are focusing on choosing pieces that accentuate their bodies in a tasteful way. Age has become insignificant to the style process, as long as taste is not compromised.

Dressing stylishly in your 40s is about emphasizing your strengths and knowing how to hide your weaknesses by understanding your body, fabric, and good tailoring. And of course, learning how to spotlight the parts of your body that stay attractive longer; showing off your legs by choosing flattering shoe styles over current shoe trends. Confidence and your attitude about your unique sex appeal is just as key to your sexy appearance as the colors that flatter your skin.