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By : Judy Chammas - Choc Magazine   
Feel. Love. Kiss.

Whether it’s an unprompted brush of affection or a tender dreamy lip-locking embrace, a kiss can enchant like a simple crush or jolt with anticipated pleasure. There are hidden complexities behind a simple kiss which relay powerful messages to our brains, bodies and partners.

What happens when we kiss?
Firstly, what is kissing really? If we look at it blandly it is two people stuck together in a passionate lip/saliva-lock. That doesn’t sound too exciting when described this way. When passion takes a hold of us, a kiss locks two people together in an exchange of tastes, scents, textures, secrets and emotions. There is a science behind such romantic sentiments. Kissing releases Endorphins and Oxytocin in our bodies that make us feel happy and attached to our partners. The fact is some women would even say that it is more satisfying than intercourse. The deep intimacy felt with a partner at the time of kissing is what most women look for and even many men.
Kissing is for everyone to enjoy. We kiss secretly, salaciously, gently, timidly, impatiently and wildly. We kiss anywhere and anytime. We give all kinds of kisses; formal, affectionate, and also air kisses.

A kiss a day keeps divorce away
One of the first things to be adversely affected after couples start to drift apart in their relationship is kissing. Surveys concerning this issue have confirmed this. Nothing lasts forever, and as passion starts to shrink at some point of a relationship, the first noticeable change would be to not feel like kissing as much. It is advised for couples to make time for kissing more often – as soon as they realize this loss and before it is too late to rekindle their lost passions. It can be an ideal remedy for couples facing a relationship problem. Getting back to kissing daily would make the couple relive their passionate days of initial romance to add to the healthy biochemical reaction in the body.

The importance of kissing
Lips may be first considered as means for food and speech, but in kissing they satisfy different kinds of hungers. In the body, a kiss triggers a cascade of neural messages and chemicals that transmit tactile sensations, sexual excitement, and feelings of closeness, motivation and even euphoria.
Kisses can also relay important information about the state and future of a relationship. A bad first kiss can put a swift end to a couple’s future, while enjoying kissing your partner after years of being together can promise many more good years to come.

Of course, all kissing doesn't have to be romantic. We kiss our kids more than we ever kiss anyone probably.  But still, about 90% of the world's population kisses in a romantic way. Bottom line, kissing is not just a social or societal thing - it's scientific. We should all be kissing more. For the important relationships in our lives, it matters tremendously.