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By : Judy Chammas   
Styling in the rain

Rain can be irritating and cold, messing up our mood, dictating our wardrobe and stealing our sun! But surviving the storm is much easier when we’re dressed appropriately—and stylishly—from head to toe. All we need is to be stylishly prepared for the rain, and have our rain accessories available at hand.


The season, the trapeze coat or swing coat are very popular choices - even in raincoats. A leopard print raincoat that is a feminine, body conscious style is stylishly waterproof.
The hood is another perfect way of casually beating the rain without putting yourself through the minor effort of carrying an umbrella around with you all day. Hoods are trendy for both women and men. They tend to be a lot more structured; often with a peaked edge to give both more coverage from the rain and more style… it’s all in the detail.

The good old umbrella
The most obvious rain-beater of choice – the umbrella.  Umbrellas work as an accessory in their own right. No one understands this better than Burberry as their current campaign and catwalk show contained an umbrella on virtually every model’s arm. It would be wise to invest in a quality umbrella or two, as quality, durability and advances in raingear technology have progressed quite dramatically. Designer brands as well as umbrella specialized brands are coming up with new collections every season to accompany fashion trends and styles. Ward off drizzles or heavy showers with any style umbrella from stick to bubble to travel umbrellas.


Rain boots, Galoshes, Wellies, or whatever you want to call them, are essential for wet weather.  They are elegant and hip and available in so many different colors and patterns. They come with fur and wool trimming and are available by many designer brands. They are fun to wear.
And to stay warmer in the cold rainy weather choose a waterproof leather boot with a sheepskin lining like those from Ugg. Even though they keep your feet warm and dry, they are also breathable. You really cannot beat the comfort and hitting the trend spot on at the same time.



Bag & Hat
A rain hat is a waterproof cotton rain hat that revives the look of the old rubber rain hats but with sophistication and style. It features an adjustable drawstring for a secure fit, and comes in different colors and styles.
And if you want to make sure your belonging stay dry, there are designer waterproof tote bags in virtually waterproof laminate canvas. These bags are available in different sizes, colors and prints. The perfect accessory for that rainy day.

Apart from the new technologies in fabrics and mechanics in umbrellas, rain accessories’ styles resemble those of the ‘60s. They are easy to come by and fun to wear, and can just turn a gloomy day into a brighter one.