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By : Judy Chammas   
Fetish clothes couples embrace

A sexual fetish may be regarded as a boosting element of an intimate relationship - romantic or sexual. Anything can be fetishized, but articles of clothing in particular, because they’re so close to the body. Whenever an item of clothing implies something about sex and gender, it is likely to be fetishized.

The obsession with fetish wear is nothing new; it has been going on for centuries and has been gaining designer approval since the turn of the 20th century;  from 'rubber wear for the office' to 'Bondage Chic' to 'Sado-Maso’ to 2012 dominatrix themes and Lady Gaga’s favorite designer Mugler among many, that are featuring this season’s trend in their ranges. The delicate restraint of the corset, the firmly-gloved hand and the shiny leather boot, are all fundamentals of the stylish man or woman, same as the luxurious Sado-Masochist. The fetish trend includes everything from latex, to PVC and from leather to lace.

There comes a time…

There comes a time in marriages, or long term relationships, when the topic of sexual desires and practices comes up.  Because sex is such a huge part of a marriage, couples are urged to first discuss their sexual desires and past.
Once a couple is married or live together, a spouse or partner may often decide to explore sides of their sexuality that they either did not do before, or did not do with that person. They could have possibly previously been afraid of rejection and now feel protected from it by their marriage commitment. They could simply be victims of sexual boredom - having been together for years. For men especially, sex isn't just an indulgence. It's often a psychological or emotional need in the relationship to feel connected, accepted, loved on the deepest level possible.

Two to tango

It takes a lot of trust to be able to feel relaxed enough with one’s partner to explore new aspects of one’s sexuality. When couples love and trust each other, they might each find something that was previously unacceptable to them to be quite pleasurable and satisfying now. There is a bond that is made through this phase of a couple’s life. It deepens the trust and allows new ways of expressing their love.
What is sexually appropriate depends on a joint decision of the couple, upon whether or not both partners willingly agree to experiment with one another or to otherwise please their partner.
There are men and women who are aroused by their partner’s sexual conversations, while others enjoy sexual lubricants or lingerie. Some get turned on by fantasizing about other people, silently or aloud. The list of possibilities is endless. Fetishes, sexual desires, sexual orientation…all represent different things. A fetish might focus on the sexual arousal caused by rubbing a partner’s feet or wearing leather.


Clothing fetish

Clothing fetish, or garment fetish, is a sexual fetish that revolves around a fixation upon a particular type or collection of clothing that appears as part of a fashion or uniform, or a person dressed in such clothes. Fashion fetish is all about expressing ones sex appeal. It is known for items such as leather and satin corsets, leather skirts and shorts, leather mini dress, leather cat suits, jackets, lingerie and pants.
Fetish wear is sexy, and fetish play in the bedroom is perhaps the ultimate level of fantasy, because it involves venturing in role reversal and power exchange fantasies. To ensure that those fantasies and activities come to life the right way, which is extremely stimulating and seductive, the appearance of both partners is vital.

Fetish fashion

Fetish fashion generally refers to clothing and accessories that are created to be extreme or provocative. These styles are not usually worn by the majority of people on casual basis but mostly as costumes. One of the most well-known looks of this trend is the Dominatrix look; sexy, confident and intense. Leather, latex, fishnet and spandex are the usual materials for this trend.
The biggest propagators of this trend this year have been Lady Gaga and Rihanna. In their fitted shiny black leather cat suits and knee length boots carrying whips and cords they created quite an impression. These ensembles worn as is cannot be part of the everyday casual woman’s closet, but they can surely lend great inspirations for bedroom fun.


Dressing fetish

Exceptional features of fetish products have led to a large number of people making use of them. Made of thin and highly sensitive materials, fetish clothing is designed to look good and feel good, enabling people to realize their particular sexual fantasies. Leather and rubber are the typical materials that are used, though some designers use velvet or satin or other sensuous materials.
G-strings-leather thongs are the most common item among fetish leather users. Skirts, dresses, body corsets, neck corsets, pants, pencil skirts, suspender belts,  jackets, gloves,  ankle cuffs, body belts, bracelet-to-ring… are fetish-inspired fashions items and accessories that are making their way from runways to retail stores, and into various aspects of our daily lives and nights! And the piece de résistance, of course the must-have fetish shoes which have one major purpose; sex appeal. While platforms shoes have been in and out of basic fashion for decades, and needless to say, when it comes to the night time, platforms are always in. the extreme fetish show however consists of a long thin stiletto heel added to the platform shoe. This daring shoe obliges its wearers to walk on their toes, literally. The design of the shoe is set so that the wearer of the shoe appears as if they are walking on the tips of their toes at all times.

Fetish adventures are merely adventures into the seductive and stark naked part of each partner's souls. The choice of vinyl and or leather corsets and thigh-high boots helps create an unforgettable memory and a tighter bond between couples. So, whether you want to be the highlight of the party or you just want to show your partner your crazy side, fetish clothes are the best alternative to spice things up!