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By : Judy Chammas   
Modern Vintage, Fashion in Replay

Designers use the past as a source of inspiration molding it to fit the future. Modern vintage fashion is our present moment that is caused by the past and future coming together

Throughout the years, fashion has witnessed increase fusion of the past and present.  That longing for past memories in various ways has had an impact on clothing design throughout history, and vintage style began to take a more prominent role in the fashion system since the middle of the 20th Century.


Fashion playback
Fashion has had a recent habit of repeating itself. We have seen the return of 70s gear, the comeback of the disco era, and the 80s revisited with their punk clothes and bold colors. Bell bottoms from the '70s are now flared pants, skinny jeans from the '80s no longer have zippers down the legs and swing dresses from the '50s are just that little bit flimsier. And here come the 90s. only this time with a more restrained and subtle vintage approach.

Ancient modern fashion
Within the past few years art in dress has become a fait accompli.  Vintage designs and historic costumes have developed into new and fascinating possibilities. The trend of fashion a few years ago took a step backward into antiquity. What was worn in the days of the Pharaohs was made to seem new, and got somehow interpreted by designers who flew from one era to another, from early Egyptian to Greek to Victorian to Chinese days to just before yesterday.


Fashion fused

Vintage clothing is basically any old article of clothing, re-used. When modern fashionistas started incorporating old looks into new trends, they created something unique, tasteful and altogether new which led to the re-emergence of vintage clothing stores and setting this fad in motion. Today’s designers are taking the best elements of previous decades and even eras and compile them to create a modern futuristic look.
The Grecian draped dress is one of the most contemporary dress designs for women. The Origami dress or an architecture inspired dress is edgy and trendy. Cowl-neck dresses with cape sleeves, dresses with sweetheart neckline, silk wrap dress in watercolor prints, one shouldered jersey dresses are all the rage too, and there is nothing that beats the Bandage Dress by Herve Leger. Other than dresses, casual pants with patterned tops, high-waist shorts with shirts or a pair of Harem pants with a simple jeweled colored camisole are all fashion forward trends inspired from the past.


Vintage is us
What’s great about the modern vintage style is that it is classic and flattering to everyone. It is about updating the look itself; taking traditional pieces and silhouettes and revamping them with brighter colors or bolder details.
What’s unique about vintage is that one can never go wrong by personalizing the unique looks of the past. Vintage is a reflection of our self-development, we take who we are and who we were and we apply and prepare ourselves to fit into the future.
Vintage fashion has become very conventional, making its way onto nearly every runway, and into chain stores that deliver mainstream fashion to the masses, displaying bright '70s disco dresses and bohemian styles, 80s pattern pinafores, suspenders and droopy mini dresses; and 60s inspired stripes & polka dot shirt dress, miniskirt and pinstripes.
They're all back in style again, ready to be paired up with some modern flare for a totally new look.
Vintage looks
Modern vintage styles can help women look tailored and put-together, with each woman exhibiting a signature style of her own. Vintage clothing of today helps put together a sleek, modern look.
While sky-high pumps and rocker tank-tops may be popular, vintage pieces are being used to pull a chaotic or otherwise dangerous style together. Lots of ladies, for example, are wearing high-waist sailor shorts, a trend straight out of the 1980s. With these vintage pieces, they pair elegant modern heels and knotted long-sleeve blouses that show a little skin and that are flashbacks to the 50s. Ladies are also taking a cue from the first half of the 20th century by purchasing vintage hats. Hats with flowers, bows, ribbons and fake fruit that are a refined, elegant style which finishes off a modern look nicely. Military jackets from the 40s are making an appearance. The bold shoulder pads of the women's dress suits from the 1940s are also popular. Everyone from Kate Middleton to Lady Gaga has been seen wearing suits with brass buttons.


Looking back at how we say “fashion repeats itself,” it must be noted that fashion has to go somewhere. Past fashions don’t just die; they lie low for a while and then get recreated to blast into the future and carry on. The leaving behind what really honestly didn’t work! Current fashion, modern vintage, is the stepping stone of fashions from the past to the future.