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By : Judy Chammas - CHOC Magazine   
Choosing Your Signature Perfume: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Perfume is a method of personal expression. Like quality fashion accessories, good perfume adds a finishing touch to a fashion statement. A signature perfume should always completely compliment everything about a person - looks, personality and lifestyle.


It is easy to be persuaded by the extravagant advertisements of the perfume industry, but it is a mistake to buy a perfume without knowing what suits best your personality and without trying it out properly. Perfumes that contain quality ingredients are expensive and it is very important to like wearing ones signature perfume.


We are what we smell
The first step to finding the perfect perfume is to first know what kinds of smells we are most attracted to.   Whether it is the smell of cake baking, a beachy smell, the smell of tea or fresh laundry, there is a perfume that is based on these aromas.
They are floral or sweet, sporty or clean, green or natural, musk/oils, chypre/woody and finally, oriental/spicy. Some people find a signature perfume and stay with that scent, while others opt to change their fragrance depending on the occasion, their mood, and even the season of the year.
Age also factors into what someone may choose as their fragrance of choice. It is often found that as a woman ages for example, she changes her fragrance to compliment her growing maturity.
Floral or sweet fragrances are the most popular and are dominated by the aroma of one or many different flowers. It is most suitable for the woman who loves being fun and lighthearted. Chanel No. 22, Estee Lauders Pleasures and White Linen are some examples of sweet perfumes.
Sporty and Clean perfumes consist of a very clean, fresh scent that can be associated somewhat with the fragrance of soap. They are often deemed to offer freshness and can be typically found in eau de colognes. Ralph Lauren Polo for Women , Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger and  Estee Lauder Alliage are a few classic sporty and clean scents.
Green/natural fragrances are clean and very practical. They are ideal for the woman who enjoys a natural, fresh and light fragrance. Some examples of green/natural scents are Burberry London, Calvin Klein Escape for Women, Calvin Klein Truth for Women, Chanel No. 5.
Musk/oils are the fourth fragrance family and its aroma is bold and sensual. Perfumes using musk are strong, evocative and very sexy. Examples of popular musk/oils are Caleche by Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana for Women and Lagerfeld Sun Moon & Stars.
Chypre/woody fragrances are an intoxicating blend of floral and earth scents. Women who love being outside enjoying the beauty of nature are typically the type who will wear the chypre fragrance. Examples of popular chypre/woody fragrances on the market include Chanel No. 19, Miss Dior by Christian Dior, and Envy Me by Gucci.
Oriental/spicy perfumes are well-liked fragrances that are a blend of animal scents and vanilla mixed with flowers and woods. They are perfect for a self-assured woman who is both courageous and glowing. Calvin Klein Obsession, Lancôme's Magic Noir and Tresor, and Opium by Yves Saint Laurent are just a few of these scents available these days.


Perfume personality
Each woman has her own personality and often more than one. Perfumes are thought to have personalities of their own. This idea was first stated by renowned perfumer Jean Guerlain who is the designer of the celebrated names L’Instant de Guerlain and Shalimar.
People wear fragrances for many reasons such as to be attractive, seductive, to improve their mood, to feel refreshed and even to improve their self-confidence.  It is very important that a personal fragrance meets the individual’s needs and compliment his or her personality, without ever being overbearing. Thus, everyone has their own unique perfume personality, which explains why some people enjoy fruity perfumes while others prefer floral, musk or oriental aromas.
Some fragrance marketers believe that the type of music a person listens to, the colors they favor and even the activities they take part in all influence the fragrances they choose to wear;
R.W. Moncrieff is a perfume expert who thought that the personality traits of an individual were very closely related to the fragrances they chose. He believed that people who were introverted had a greater response to smells than extroverted people did. This caused the introverted individuals to lean toward oriental fragrances instead of a fruity or floral perfume. Furthermore, scientists Mensing and Beck thought that an individual’s perfume choice was closely related to what their favorite color is; so people who predominantly liked bright colors such as pink, orange and yellow would be more apt to lean towards fruity or floral scents while people who preferred darker, richer colors such as red, green or purple would be more liable to be attracted to warm, oriental fragrances.

"Perfume is the most intense form of memory" - Jean Guerlain
Not only is perfume a reflection of our personalities, but it can also have a great impact on others. It is the most intense form of memory; a fragrance remains long after its wearer has left a room.
A fragrance is so much more than just an aroma; it speaks of emotions, romance, energy, intimacy and empowerment.
There are over twenty thousand fragrances available for people to choose from, which undoubtedly makes finding a signature scent rather difficult. However determining what particular mood we want to create helps narrow down our choices.

For those who are unsure of exactly what they are looking for, a classic scent would be their best choice. Classic perfumes go with any outfit and are perfect for any occasion or event all year long. Chanel No. 5 is a stylish, chic choice for women looking for a classic scent. If your mood is gentle, feminine and totally irresistible then your signature perfume lies among the delicate fragrances. These fragrances are womanly, tender and charming. L’Air Du Temps and Premier Jour are two of the most popular delicate fragrances available today.  And then there are the sensual fragrances. They depict the daring, self-assured and passionate woman. Opium and Chance by Chanel are sensual fragrances that evoke feelings of passion and confidence.

Body chemistry affects how a perfume can differ from one person to another, and fragrances will change their aroma slightly awhile after being applied.


Take your time and shop around. Always apply the perfume you are testing to a pulse point giving it time to mature away from the perfume area, and allowing it to react to your body chemistry. A signature scent is meant to be a unique expression of your individuality, so make sure you are happy with your fragrance of choice.