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By : J.C.   

Most women, no matter what their height want to look a little taller. Why? Looking taller always seems more fun, and women with good height seem to look more glamorous as well as more noticeable. Fortunately looking taller is easy to achieve and being able to do so gives women more flexibility in their dress and style.



While looking taller may be appealing to someone who is not tall, there are many short women that enjoy being a little on the short.  However, for women who are longing to look a little taller, there are some simple changes that they need to make to their dressing style. By following a few easy guidelines on looking taller women can create an illusion of tallness.

Clothes matter

Clothes that are fitting emphasize curves and will promote a taller look. Wearing slim pants that follow the thighs and behind closely will elongate the legs, as well as tucking in tops and shirts and wearing belted jackets. However, dressing in loose and baggy clothes and wide belts need to be avoided and are a few of the changes that you will need to undergo for the look you are trying to achieve.

Vertical is your friend, and fashions emphasizing vertical lines whether they have pleats, patterns or plain old stripes, will give an illusion of added height. They will elongate your body while also giving you a slimmer, trimmer appearance. You may even want to invest in more vertical attire for your closet, from button-down shirts and sweaters to zip-front tops and vertically striped outfits, these are all items that will make you look taller. Also skirts with slits down the front, back or side are great for adding to the illusion. Pinstripes are trendy, but you can also sport beads, embroidery, pretty patterns, corduroy and any number of creative customizations in a vertical format. Ribbed patterns and pleats also add to the vertical aspect.

 V-necks and Chinese collar help in elongated framing. Wearing tops and dresses with V-necks or Chinese collars and closed neck V-neck dresses provide an illusion of long torso.

Long sleeves and sleeveless tops provide length to the arms, and will also play a role in your overall look.

While choosing a bathing suit opt for a plunging neckline as it slims the torso while high-cut sides lengthen the legs.

Dressing in dark colors that complement your complexion as long as the outfit is not too tight is another trick to looker taller. Even though black is slimming, if it is worn tight it will show bumps that you would rather leave unnoticed.


Long is tall

The longer the pants are the better. Pants should fit properly and at least brush the tops of your shoes, this helps to create the appearance of longer legs. Avoid Capris, even though they may be trendy, they tend to make you look shorter! Bermuda shorts are ok though, so choose up-to-knee shorts, or very long pants.

Don't wear skirts that are knee- length, they will make your legs look short. Meanwhile, full- length skirts will compliment your smaller frame.


Choose your shoes and accessories wisely

Accessories can also help in adding a few inches to your look. By simply throwing on a long necklace to compliment your clothes, you are adding to the illusion of tallness. Accessories are small items in size but they are capable of creating big changes to your appearance, and hence promote a taller impression. Wearing hanging earrings gives a more elongated look to the face which affects the overall body look in its turn. Thin belts replace thick and bulky ones too.

No need to worry about choosing the right hat, just avoid them altogether for they have a tendency to make anyone appear shorter.
High heels are a must, and no one can deny that wearing high heels will surely make you look taller.  Opt for stilettos, block heels or clogs, depending on your outfit.  And try staying with 2 to 21/2 inch heels to give you that extra height, if you higher heels are making you look out of balance.

Boots are essential winter foot wear no closet should be without. Every woman’s closet should not only contain the necessary summer and winter shoes, but also boots! If your feet become sensitive to pressure easily, consider wearing platforms instead of heels, insert padded insoles, or just skip the stylish shoes altogether and just wear flats.


Back to basics

The right posture can also help in supporting a more elongated frame. Get into the habit of sitting and standing straight to look taller, for it is not only an easy way to look taller but to also add height to your body.


The appropriate dressing style helps to hide flaws and faults. Perfect dressing sense can make the occasion. Thus, by dressing suitably with these tips for a taller look, you can boost  your height appearance as well as look stunning and gorgeous!!